1. There shalt be no rules. Only FACTS

1. We hatest organised religion so this religion shalt be DISORGANISED.

2. This shalt be a non-PROPHET disorganisation

3. There both ISETH and ISN’TETH a God.

4. Thou canst believe either or both bits of fact 3 to be or not be a fact

5. The virtual church of ISN’T-ISM shalt be called AIN’T PAUL’S CATHEDRAL

6. If thou believest in a God, thou canst sittest on the left side of the virtual church (stage left) and if thou believest not in a God thou shouldst sittest on the stage right bit. If thou isn’t sure if there is or if there ain’t a God thou shouldst sitteth at the back, on either side.

7. If thou wantest, thou canst move between the sides whenever thou wantest, but not whilst hymns be sungeth or prayers be sayeth. Have some fucking manners.

8. Thou canst still have Christmas and there shalt also be Easter EVEN IF thou sittest on the stage right bit of Ain’t Paul’s Cathedral.

9. Thou canst also follow thine own other religion if thou really wanteth. But thou shalt follow only one other religion at any one time.

10. Thou shalt acknowledge that Michael Batt , BCC CP (Bronze Cha Cha Cha and Cycling Proficiency) shalt have been the founder of this religion.

11. Thou shalt not shag thy neighbour’s spouse without permission from thy neighbour, or thy neighbour’s goat. If thy neighbour’s goat giveth permission for thee to shag thy neighboor’s spouse thou mayest.

12. This religion iseth free to joineth.

13. Thou mayst opt out of any part hereof except fact 11.

14. There shall come to pass a website which shall containeth all this info but at this time in the year of ZERO of ISN’T ISM it be-eth under construction. The Hype Priest apologiseth for any inconvenience.

15. Thou mayst build space ships if thou wanteth

16. Thou must not eat chocolate or drink alcohol unless it be-eth 6pm somewhere in the World.

17. Thou must be nice to everyone, like really nice.

18. Thou must not commit murder unless totally necessary and there be-eth no other option, which we bet there iseth.

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